Standard Edition

VOP Blue Skin
Standard edition for medium/large company receptionists.

Customizable Workspace

VOP Table Layout
Windows can be moved around, calls and directories offer multiple views.

Lite Edition

VOP Black Skin
Lite edition for small company receptionists and call center agents.

Micro Edition

VOP Micro
Compact Micro edition for desktop computers.


User Interface

Discover our application user interface through a quick tour of the information displayed on the screen.

Call Management

Learn how to pick-up a call, put it on/off hold, hang-up and also how to switch between multiple calls.

Blind Call Transfer

Learn how to make a blind transfer to a known extension or directly to a user in the directory using drag and drop.

Attended Call Transfer

Learn how to make an attended transfer to a known extension or to a user in the directory using drag and drop.

Extension Monitoring

Learn how to view the different statuses of the monitored extensions.

Customizable Workspace

Learn how to create your own workspace by moving the different windows.

Directory Management

Learn how create a directory, import or add users, copy users from another directory and add callers on the fly.

Directory Search

Learn how to quickly find a user in a directory based on different search criteria.

Directory Views

Learn about the different directory views (Table, List and Tree) and how to switch between them.

Call Transfer Queue

Learn how to queue a call transfer to a busy extension, how to manage it during the wait and how the application automatically transfers the call on availability.

Integrated Mailer

Learn how to quickly send an e-mail while processing a call to deliver the caller message.

Tool Bar

Learn how to switch to Do Not Disturb, view your voicemail messages, view missed calls, record calls, manage volumes and use the phone keypad.